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Documentary "The Violinist"  |  Nam Simonis

Release date: 2022

This documentary is not only the portrait of a young violinist nowadays, but also a representation of the need for solitude in self-realization. A film about silence, the ineffable... about nostalgia, beauty and grace.

Nam Simonis is a film director based in Brussels, with extensive experience in the fashion and advertising sector, with a particular taste for poetry and intensity.

Haunted by the obsession of the Ciaccone of J.S. Bach, he decides to undertake a personal documentary with the desire to follow Marina Martín, a young violinist representative of today's youth. In this way, he confronts the grace, roughness and complexity of the piece with the "noise of the world".

Available soon

Single "First Love"  |  Spotify

Released: 14.01.2022

This week's most recent release, "First Love (a response)", was placed on the Spotify Editorial "Classical New Releases" playlist, and we couldn't be more excited!
This work captures the essence of first love: the purest and rawest emotion that is so often hidden between young lovers, comes out for listeners to remember and fall into fantasy.
From the hands of the composer Ming Quay into the hands of pianist Tom de Beuckelaer and violinist Marina Martín Maldonado, together with the Canadian label Little Symphony Records.

Bodegas Ramón Bilbao presents the winners of its 2nd Musical Grant


Passion, discipline and talent in music, three requirements transmitted by the young winners of the "Friends of Ramón Bilbao" Scholarship, which will help them continue their musical studies in prestigious international schools.

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